Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger

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It mainly adopted in high temperature, high pressure, and cryogenic, vaporizing, big temperature difference work conditions. Such as flare gas vaporizer, liquid oxygen and liquid Nitrogen vaporization, sulfur tail gas and flue gas treatment etc.

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Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger

It can be used in such conditions as high temperature, high pressure, deep cooling, vaporization, large temperature difference, etc., and such occasions as flare gas vaporization, liquid oxygen/nitrogen vaporization, sulfur-containing tail gas and exhaust gas treatment, etc.

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Typical Case
1.   Sinopec Yiding Flare Gas Heater


2.   Topsoe Panjin WSA Heat exchanger


(1) The heat transfer coefficient is increased. According to the previous thermal performance test results of floating coil type positive displacement heat exchanger, the average heat transfer coefficient K of floating coil type heat exchanger is 1.40 and 1.31 times of the new horizontal and vertical positive displacement heat exchanger respectively under the same heat medium flow rate. In addition, the floating coil is usually made of copper tube with small diameter and wall, which makes the heat transfer coefficient in the basic formula lower than that in the conventional formula δ/λ The value decreases, and thus increases the K value to a certain extent

(2) The volume utilization ratio is improved. The heat exchange coil of floating coil heat exchanger can be close to 100 mm from the bottom of the container. The special structure of the heat exchanger can eliminate the non cold water area, and the effective heat storage volume can reach 95% ~ 100%, which greatly improves the volume utilization rate of the heat exchanger.

(3) Automatic descaling, reduce maintenance workload. When high temperature heat medium is input into the coil, the expansion of the pipe wall will be caused, and the scale attached to the outer wall of the pipe will also expand. The thermal expansion coefficient of scale is smaller than that of pipe wall, so different expansion and contraction make scale fall off automatically. Moreover, the wall of copper coil is thin, and the expansion force of tube bundle can be transferred quickly with the change of temperature, so the effect of descaling is more obvious.

(4) Prevent the growth of bacteria. Copper can kill Legionella naturally. The floating coil heat exchanger adopts pure copper floating coil and pure copper liner, which can effectively prevent the breeding of Legionella, and is more hygienic and safe.

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