China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress Award

Recently, Shuangliang’s project ‘Optimization Technology and Application of Winter Heat-Electricity Supply and Demand Balance’ won the 2019 China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress Award.

At present, there are more than 60 CHP plants and 100 projects using Shuangliang absorption heat pump to recover waste heat to improve heating capacity, which can save over 2 million tons of standard coal each year.

At the thermal power station, Shuangliang used absorption chiller to reduce the return water temperature of the primary network, realize the large temperature difference heating on the side of the heating network, and increase the capacity of heat supply network.

Shuangliang has also used absorption heat pump technology in many power plants to recover the waste heat of circulating water in cooling towers or the flue gas of coal-fired boilers. In the case of unchanged power generation load, it increases the heating capacity of the power plant, guarantees the safety of heating in winter, and achieves a balance between supply and demand for heating and power generation.




Post time: May-19-2020