Deep Cooperation Between Shuangliang and Moutai


Moutai, one of the most famous liquor brands in China and even the world. Chinese National Liquor. User of so many Shuangliang products.

Recently, Shuangliang Eco-Energy awarded a mega order for the “Environmental Protection Improvement Project for the Recycling of Cooling Water in the Moutai Brewing Workshop”, which will have a positive impact on future performance, and also realized the recycling of water resources in Chishui River, which played a demonstrative role in protecting the ecology of Chishui River.

This project mainly includes operation and maintenance of Energy Station, the supply and installation of double effect direct-fired LiBr absorption chillers (heaters), open and closed cooling towers, integrated transmission and distribution systems, energy station control systems and other supporting equipment.

Shuangliang and Moutai have been cooperating for nearly 10 years. From high-efficiency boilers to absorption chillers to intelligent operation and maintenance, Shuangliang has been serving Moutai with the concept of use energy right.


Post time: Apr-21-2021