Distributed Energy Award

On Sep 17, Shuangliang Eco-Energy won the 2020 China Distributed Energy Excellent Project Special Award. This is the seventh consecutive year that it has won the award.

The award-winning project Shijiazhuang People’s Hospital is a CCHP distributed energy project based on natural gas. The core equipment includes 2 sets of 2MW combustion engines, 2 flue gas & hot water LiBr Absorption Chillers, 3 Centrifugal Chillers, 3 hot water/gas-fired Boilers and 3 Heat exchangers. Provide comprehensive energy services for hospital with cooling, heating, power supply, domestic hot water and medical steam.

Compared with conventional coal-fired thermal power plants, it saves 2974.35t/a of standard coal per year, with an energy-saving rate of 27%. Annual CO₂ emission reduction is 12156.18t/a, with a reduction rate of 48%, which has better economic and environmental benefits.


2020 Shijiazhuang People’s Hospital

2019 Xiangjiang Joy City

2018 Zhuhai Hengqin Comprehensive Intelligent Energy Project

2017 Wuhan International Expo Center

2016 China National Convention and Exhibition Center

2015 Shanghai Disney Resort

2014 China Petroleum Technology Energy Center

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Post time: Sep-18-2020