First‘Zero Water Consumption CHP System’ in LATAM

In this January 2020, Shuangliang had successfully installed a ‘Zero Water Consumption CHP System’(ZWCCHP) in LATAM region.


ZWCCHP is an innovation & improvement based upon traditional CHP system. While ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘environmental friendly’ as the critical features that CHP system empress us, the ZWCCHP system brings environmental friendly concept to the next level, it doesn’t consume none of fresh water practically.


This ZWCCHP system consist of several main components, including 7 units of MTU Gas Engine Generators and Heat Exchangers, plus 3 units of Shuangliang Absorption Chillers and Dry Cooling Towers, which is committed to deliver 1500 USRT cooling capacity to a 5G data center.


Within this system, all working fluids, hot water, cooling water and chilled water are all flowing in closed circuits. That’s how we can save water from natural evaporation and frequent blow down for system maintenance. Comparing with traditional CHP system, ZWCCHP will not only save water consumption, because of water quality can keep in good condition for longer time in a closed circuit, it will also save the system maintenance labor and time cost, and that is very important for customers need non-stop operation.


Nowadays water crisis has become a global environmental issue, many industries are trying to adopt new technologies to realize ‘green production’, and saving water could be the first step. We believe that ZWCCHP is the future for CHP system, and our water saving technology can also be applied in other industries, like power plants, which we currently working on.


Post time: Apr-17-2020