Publicity of people’s daily

Recently, the People’s Daily — China most prestigious government newspaper, two times praised Shuangliang Group on the innovative measures taken in combating coronavirus and work resumption.

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Shuangliang made use of the exclusive Intelligent Operations &Maintenance System (IOMS) to remotely clean and sterilize the central air-conditioning and ventilation system in densely populated areas. Whole factory hygiene requirement was raised to top level. All the measures greatly contributed the production and delivery while assuring the health of all staffs.

‘Returning to work is not a repetition of the past, but a move towards higher quality’, Chairman Mr. Miao Wenbin said, ‘Shuangliang plans to further invest tens of millions in digital workshops and product upgrades to build an industrial Internet ecosystem this year.’



Post time: Apr-15-2020