Shuangliang Won The TUAS IWMF Garbage Power Plant Project In Singapore

Recently, Shuangliang has received the letter of acceptance (LOA) from Singapore ST Marine regarding the award of bidding for air-cooled condenser in TUAS IWMF garbage power plant project. The project is located in Singapore with the winning amount for about CNY 48 million (excluding tax).

TUSA IWMF Project has been launched on July 2019, through continuous communication and cooperation with the owner and the EPC. The international division of Shuangliang Eco-energy and its exclusive agency in Singapore that is named Cyclect (in conjunction with Shuangliang Cooling System Co., Ltd) was finally accepted by the client for its excellent technical solutions and promptly response. The inspection and acceptance of this project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.


The project of Singapore TUAS IWMF garbage incineration power plant is invested by the National Environment Agency of Singapore with a total investment of 1.5 billion US dollars. It is planned for two phases, each phase to generate 2X65MW power with waste treatment capacity to be 2,900 tons/day. When the project is completed, it will be the largest garbage incineration power plant in Singapore and even in whole Southeast Asia. Shuangliang won the bid for the first phase of the project, and the company that wins the bid of first phase will have the priority to win the bid of second phase.

It was not easy to win the bidding of this project. Various unexpected difficulties occurred during this period, at the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has brought great difficulties to the communication. During this period, the two parties involved in this negotiation have fully understood each other and therefore the project has been implemented smoothly. In the meantime, the sharp depreciation of the US dollar also brought great pressure to Shuangliang. After continuous communication with the customer, Shuangliang finally succeeded in persuading the EPC to agree adopting CNY as currency of settlement. For both of the parties, although many inconveniences have been caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, the mutual trust and international influence of Shuangliang have been greatly enhanced through online communication and interaction during the whole period of this negotiation.

The winning of the bid is the first time that Shuangliang’s air-cooled condenser enters into Singapore market, which breaks the long-term monopoly of the competitors in Singapore market. Not only will it help to enhance the influence of Shuangliang brand, but also comes with important strategic significance in overseas. Moreover, through the winning of this bidding, excellent demonstration effect has been achieved for the expansion of the market in non-thermal power generation project.

In the future, the International Division of Shuangliang will take this project as an opportunity to fully overcome the impact of Covid-19 and strengthen the market expansion of air-cooled condenser in the overseas market, promoting the energy-saving and water-saving products as well as its philosophy of ‘intelligent manufacturing’ to the world. Shuangliang believes that the winning of this project will be served as a good example for the internationalization of ‘carbon peak & carbon neutrality’.

Post time: Jun-03-2021