By the beginning of Jan 2021, Shuangliang Eco-Energy has successfully delivered two units of Cycle Gas Coolers from the factory, completing the delivery promise to the purchaser: HEC (Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd.), who is one of the world’s biggest EPCs with their headquarter in Korea and promote their business worldwide.
This is the first contract between Shuangliang and HEC for the Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger business after Shuangliang officially being the Approved Vendor of HEC starting from 2018. The end user is the petro-chemical industry in Poland. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 starting from the beginning of 2020, Shuangliang got two months delay on the production schedule as the sub-vendors can’t start their production for at least months. However, in order to fulfill the promised delivery date, Shuangliang made and carried out the catch-up plan at all cost, eventually performing our promise to the customer, who’s more satisfied with Shuangliang’s capacity of manufacturing technically and systematically.
In the past few years, Shuangliang have made big steps on the diversity of products in the international business, including S&T Heat Exchanger, Air-Cooled Condenser, Boiler and Pressure Vessel, etc. The successful delivery of the new equipment to HEC for European project symbolizes that Shuangliang’s S&T Heat Exchanger have been accepted by the world’s top level EPC companies as well as the European customers. We are expecting to broaden the overseas market on diverse products of Shuangliang.


Post time: May-31-2021